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How to... make your business travel more sustainable

Cutting back on carbon from travel can reduce costs and increase staff support for your travel programme... It’s also good for the planet.


Sourcing greener travel is now a key issue for organisations of all sizes, in the public and private sector. With our expertise and ideas you can shrink your travel footprint without compromising on practicality, convenience or comfort.


Here are some ways CWT can help...

  • Measure and understand your footprint
    To manage your emissions you need to know where your carbon is coming from. We give you data on the journeys we book for you so you can see patterns, down to the individual department or traveller.


  • Lower-carbon travel options
    Our online booking tool finds you the best option for any journey. It can be set to  weigh up carbon emissions, price, comfort and convenience - and it’s easy to adjust as your priorities change.


  • Go carbon neutral
    We can help you find an offsetting project that suits you – from planting forests to creating renewable energy, locally or around the world.


  • Policies people can stick to
    A sensible travel policy is just step one: we can help make sure people stick to it. We know what will work best to meet your targets, and how to avoid bureaucracy and keep staff happy.


  • Review your supply chain
    Is there a lower carbon alternative? We’ll review the options, from local sourcing to greener fleets.


  • Alternatives to travel
    Video-conferencing, web-based training and online project spaces... travel isn’t always necessary. We put practical alternatives in place to show your team that travel is just one option.

Greener Travel


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